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Do you want to elevate your next party to one your guests will never forget? Buy the 360 photo booth for sale now!
What is the 360 photo booth?

The 360 photo booth, also known as a 360 camera booth, is a revolutionary experience of taking photos. Guests stand on an elevated platform and a slow-motion arm captures a video from all angles. The end result is awesome, unique, and branded content for events of any kind.

Why buy a 360 booth?

Our 360 camera booth will make your ordinary birthday party into the Oscars after-party or your wedding into the event of the season. With our 360 photo booth, guests are welcome to take unique, swift, and spinning 360 shots of themselves that will surely be the hit of your parties. Our photo booth features an exceptional technology that allows the arm attached to its stationary platform to capture a 360 view from any video camera. This unique photo booth will result in a bullet-time effect that’s shareable within seconds. This exceptional photo booth is suitable for guests of all ages, and will surely entertain kids and adults with its unique features.

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