SnapSpin 360° Photo Booth

Revolutionize your moments like never before.

Skip the dullness and excite your guests with the newest photo booth innovation!

Let SnapSpin deliver a captivating experience to your events with its 360° Photo Booth Packages. Intricately engineered to produce content that closely resembles the cinematic bullet-time effect, our state-of-the-art products allow users to enjoy countless ways to create mementos for themselves!

SnapSpin’s photo booths capture a 360° view from any video camera by rotating the arm attached to its stationary platform. This head-turner addition to your events will easily engage your guests of all ages by giving them the ultimate video souvenir they would love to immediately share with the world!

Set the Trend

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This entertaining way to leave your guests with a unique after-party token is a useful method of promoting your brand as well. SnapSpin’s extensive variety of featured packages will smoothly equip guests with user-friendly video integration, allowing them to quickly share their photo booth videos on social media for their friends and followers to see!

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