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Is there a limit to the number of photos I am allowed to take per event?

No. With the Snapspin iPad & iPhone app your guests can take as many photos as they want to while your event is live.

Do you provide a contactless option for the new Covid-19 requirements?
Yes, our new contactless feature allows you to continue to run your photo booth while keeping your guests’ safety a priority.

How long are my event photos stored for?
Your event photos, and related data, is stored for a period of 2 years unless you choose to delete it sooner.


Do you provide a Virtual Booth option?
Yes, Snapspin allows you to create a fully customized virtual booth experience for your guests.
Can I print with Snapspin?
Yes, with the Snapspin Print Server (download and use at no additional cost) you can set up almost any printer to work with Snapspin.


Do you offer support if I need help at an event?
Snapspin is proud to offer 24/7 support so if you have questions or need urgent assistance at an event you can send us a message  and a member of the support team will be available to assist you immediately.

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