68cm (support 1-2 people / 750lbs)
1:68cm metal platform
2:Customized silk Logo
3:Transparent PVC foot pad *1
4:Motor remote *2
5:Power adapter *1
6:Metal arm *1
7:Fixing screw *30
8:Ipad holder *1
9:Ipad holder fixing clip *1
10:RGB ring light *1
11:RGB strip light & remote *1
12:Phone holder *1
13:Camera/ring light holder *1
14:Flight case *1
15:Props *

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360 photo booth
Deluxe package

extremely easy to transport and setup so you can be in and out of your event in minutes.

If you know how to record a video on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat then the 360 photo booth software will be super easy for you to figure out.

Make your money back in just 2 to 3 events! The average rental for the 360 photo booths is around $500 per hour! 🤑

🤔 Let’s do the math:

One 3 hour rental = $500 x 3 hours = $1500

Do this twice in one month: 3 x $1500 = $4500

Your investment will be FULLY PAID OFF! Plus extra on the side for some Starbucks. 😋

So what do we suggest you do? When you start to get double and triple booked, buy more platforms to scale your business.

With just two 360 platforms it is possible to make a 6 figure yearly income!!


If you rent out two of your 360 photo booths (3 hour rentals each) every weekend you will make roughly $12k per month. Now times that by 12 months…

Thats $144k!! 😮

You see, sky is the limit… and what we love about this new product is that if you put in the work you will reap the benefits.

Trends like this come once in awhile.. do not hesitate.. RIDE THE WAVE!! 🏄‍♂️


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